Nitrous/O2 Delivery
OMS Supply proudly offers the best Nitrous and O2 delivery systems and supplies for your oral surgery practice.  Be sure to verify which system you use before ordering accessories so that we may be sure you get exactly what you need.

Nitrous/O2 Delivery

Accutron Ultra DC 31980 Flowmeter
The Ultra DC™ Flowmeter is designed for the clinician preferring the dual control method of establishing N2O and O2 settings...
$ 1,950.00
Matrx Nasal Hood (Autoclavable)
Be sure to check the size of the Matrx Nasal Hood that you need.
$ 75.00
Porter 2200OS Oral Surgery Accessory Kit
2200-OS Oral Surgery  Accessory Package includes: 2210K Directional Y Valve 1597 Non-rebreathing valve 1575-1 Universal size full face, clear mask...
$ 950.00
Porter 3400-OS Nitrous/O2 Delivery Kit
3400-OS Oral Surgery MXR-Flowmeter  with Porter Scavenger Breathing Circuit includes: 3000-OS MXR Flowmeter (includes P2407A oral surgery threaded bag tee...
$ 3,350.00
Porter 3444-OS Nitrous/O2 Delivery Package
3444-OS Oral Surgery  MXR-Flowmeter with Mobile Stand System includes: 3000-OS MXR flowmeter (includes P2407A oral surgery threaded bag tee w/adapter)...
$ 4,800.00

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