Nasal Cannulas
We offer a vast selection of Nasal cannulas at competitive pricing for O2 delivery and/or CO2 monitoring.  Our dual nasal cannulas for capnography monitoring with end tidal CO2 monitors are of the highest quality and best price in the country.  We have searched several manufacturers to offer the competitive pricing without compromising the quality of the cannula.

Nasal Cannulas

CO2 Sample Line (50/pk)
CO2 sample line for monitoring capnography and patient respiration. Be sure to select either male to male or male to...
$ 80.00
Oxygen Cannulas
Our Oxygen cannulas come in case quantities of 50.
$ 27.00
Westmed Dual Nasal Cannula CO2/O2
Dual Nasal Cannula for delivering O2 while monitoring patient CO2
$ 89.00 $ 65.00

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