Emergency Equipment
OMS Supply offers all the emergency equipment and supplies you need for your crash cart and O.R.  Our sedation kit is a great solution for new practices or for oral surgeons working in dental offices.  Contact an OMS Supply consultant for more question on your state requirements for sedation.

Emergency Equipment

Ambu Bag Resuscitator (Single Use)
Ambu® - Disposable Resuscitators Ambu Resuscitator is the only single use resuscitator that is made from a SEBS polymer instead...
$ 34.00
Ambu CPR Pocket Mask
The Ambu pocket mask is a great addition for your crash cart supplies for performing CPR.
$ 12.00
Ambu ResQ Vac
The Ambu ResQ Vac is a great solution for emergency suction in your crash cart.  For a more powerful suction...
$ 68.00
CPR Backboard
The CPR backboard is perfect for performing chest compression in dental chairs allowing for solid back support.
$ 99.00
Drive Medical Battery Backup Suction
DESCRIPTION The Portable AC/DC Suction Machine is the perfect solution for any traveler in need of a suction machine. Take...
$ 500.00 $ 375.00
Elbow Immobilizer
The Wall Medical Elbow Immobilizer is a great solution for stabilizing  the patients arm for IV access for prevent occlusion....
$ 38.00
I.V. Sedation Kit
The Pro Med I.V. Sedation Equipment Kit has all the emergency equipment you need by law to preform mild sedation in...
$ 3,295.00
IV Rollstand (2 Hook)
This Stainless Steel IV roll stand is a great solution for your private practice with its durable quality and economical...
$ 100.00
Laryngoscope Set
Our Stainless Steel Laryngoscope Kit includes Mac and/or Miller Blades.  Be sure to select the correct one that you need...
$ 200.00
Parker’s disposable silicone Laryngeal Mask Device is gentle to the airway. The smooth contouring of our 100% medical-grade silicone device...
$ 79.00
Magil Forceps
Magil Forceps are a great necessity for your crash cart.  Be sure to select either Adult or Pediatric.
$ 15.00
Nasopharyngeal Set
These airways are flexible PVC tubes with the following features: — a patented Parker Flex-Tip® at the distal end of...
$ 27.95
Oral Airway Kit
The Oral Airway kit is a necessity for your crash cart.
$ 22.00
Parker Medical ET Tube Set
The Parker Flex-Tip tracheal tube has a flexible, curved, centered, tapered distal tip geometry that is designed to facilitate rapid,...
$ 31.00
Prefilled Oxygen E-Cylinder
Prefilled Oxygen E-Cylinder with or without the mobile cart and regulator. Great for supplemental oxygen!
$ 125.00
Q3 by VST with Capnography
The Q Series by Vital Signs Technologies is the newest addition of monitors to the Pro Med product line.  The Q series is equipped...
$ 4,695.00 $ 4,495.00
Rusch QuickTrach Cricothyrotomy Kit
The Rusch QuickTrach Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit allows quick and safe access for ventilation in the presence of acute respiratory distress...
$ 225.00
Sedation Stethoscope (Bluetooth)
Same great diagnostic sound as the original Bluetooth wireless precordial with the added bonus of a rechargeable Amplifier. Mobility you...
$ 649.00
Sedation Straps
The OMS Supply Sedation straps are a double banded leather strap for stabilizing the patients arm to the chair during...
$ 120.00

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