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MI 750 LED Ceiling Light

Collections: Capital Equipment

Product type: Lights

Vendor: Bovie

Tags: Lights


$ 3,015.00

  • GREEN TECHNOLOGY The energy efficient LED technology consumes less electricity than halogen lighting options and eliminates the additional cost of purchasing replacement bulbs, thereby reducing the cost of ownership significantly.

  • EXCELLENCE Designed with unmatched lifetime spring-arm technology, 50,000 hour LEDs, and output rated at 50,000 Lux with a Kelvin color temperature of 4300°, the MI 750 offers a high quality lighting system that easily aligns with any practice budget.

  • MAINTAIN STERILITY The on/off and dimming switch is located on the sterilizable handle to maintain sterility throughout procedure, when necessary.

  • PROCEDURAL COMFORT Using cool LED technology improves the comfort of the patient, practitioner, and medical staff.

  • VERSATILE The MI 750 LED is available in a variety of mounting styles to ensure proper setup and light delivery for a variety of healthcare specialties.