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MI 500 LED Ceiling Light

Collections: Capital Equipment

Product type: Lights

Vendor: Bovie

Tags: instruments


$ 2,160.00

  • INNOVATIVE The MI 500 light is part of the “cutting-edge” MI LED SERIES by Medical Illumination International.

  • EFFICIENT The MI 500’s LED life averages 50,000 hours. It uses significantly less electric consumption than standard halogen lights.

  • COOL The MI 500’s light beam and head emit very low heat and are part of our LED solution.

  • BRIGHT The MI 500 light is output rated at 50,000 lux (4,600 foot candles) at a distance of 24”. It is whiter, a more color-correct light.

  • COMPACT Its 6” diameter head design is small but powerful and has great arm articulation

  • VERSATILE Comes with a variety of mounting options, wall mount, portable, single and dual ceiling mounts, and ceiling track mounting

    *Be sure to check ceiling height before ordering.