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Education Medical HD Recording Video Camera

Collections: Surgical Video Cameras

Product type: Dental Camera

Vendor: Futudent

Tags: 4k, camera, dental camera, dental photography, dental video, facebook, filming, futudent, live stream, live streaming, medical camera, operating room, procam, video, youtube


$ 2,490.00

Dental Camera

Record or stream medical procedures of all kinds from your loupes or over patient light.  As featured on Implant Compare, this camera has the ability to stream high-quality dental videos.

Futudent Educam is a 4th generation Full HD dental camera for the next level of medical industry. This multi-purpose video camera doubles the quality and halves the price - which makes it a flexible tool for every dentist and dental hygienist. Choose your favorite from three fashionable colors!

Futudent EduCam package includes

  • Full HD capable medical camera with 720/1080 px at 30 fps
  • Multi-mount options for loupes, and lamp in the operating room 
  • USB2 / USB3 detachable cable
  • Led light attachment for most models on the market
  • Recording software compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android
  • Android (OTG adapter needed)


Record video or simply take images with the Futudent Educam while also having the ability to live stream your procedures on the Implant Compare platform.


Contact for information on live streaming.