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envo® mask N95 Respirator Kit

Collections: Personal Protective Equipment - PPE

Product type: N95 Face Mask

Vendor: Envo

Tags: envo, N95, PPE


$ 2.00

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Product Description:

The envo® mask reusable NIOSH N95 approved respirator mask is designed for superior comfort and seal. The AIRgel° cushion contours around the face and nose to provide a secure seal and to avoid glasses fogging.

Individually packaged filters remain clean and electrostatically charged until ready to use. Each filter has a ten-year shelf life allowing for long term storage.

Each mask kit (70950) includes mask (79350), five (5) filters, headgear and a storage case.



Patented AIRgel° technology for superior comfort and seal.

Patent-pending vapor barriers around the nose prevent the mask from fogging glasses.

Individually packaged electrostatically charged filters remain clean until ready to use. Each filter has a ten year shelf life allowing for long term storage.

Filter Cover: Filters securely fit between mask components to protect against filter damage. The ability to take the mask on and off without damaging filters reduces costs by up to 50%. 

One-Way Exhalation Valve: Reduces temperature and moisture inside the mask. The mask chamber’s design and filter placement improve speech clarity. 

QuickFit Headgear: Headgear is designed to be easily be taken on and off and allows you to remove the mask without touching the mask or damaging filters. 

Protective Storage Case: Protective case to store the mask safely. 


No returns on Envo Mask.