OMS Supply carries the highest quality of Oral Surgery instruments.  Our Medesy Instruments are backed by a 600 Year warranty! Medesy is not like most surgery instruments they make a product they stand behind for your peace of mind.  Stop throwing money away on cheaply made instruments and invest in the Medesy Quality.



Bone Grafting Instruments




Needle Holders






Blumenthal 45°
Medesy Rongeurs Blumenthal 45°
$ 175.00
Bone Scraper
The Medesy Bone Scraper is a great instrument to have on your tray when grafting. This product has a sharp...
$ 125.00
Bone Well
Mixing bone grafting materials is a demanding process that requires sterile surfacing and easy access. Our stainless steel, weighted bone...
$ 33.00
Cheek Retractor
Medesy Cheek Retractor is 115mm in length  One end is 35mm wide and the other is 45mm
$ 35.00
Crile-Ryder Needle Holders
Medesy Crile-Ryder Needle Holders Great for 3-0,4-0,5-0 and 6-0 sutures Be sure to select the appropriate length.  
$ 140.00
Forceps Upper Molar Right 2500/96
Medesy Instruments are Italian Manufactured and backed by a 600 yes 600 year warranty.
$ 130.00
Fraizer Suction Tube
Medesy Fraizer Suction Tube This product comes in multiple diameters be sure to select the correct diameter.  
$ 60.00
Medesy Rongeurs Friedman 140mm
$ 179.99
G. Hartzell INMH Mayo-Hegar Needle Holders
G. Hartzell INMH Mayo-Hegar Needle Holders Mayo-Hegar 16cm/6 1/4” 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0 Item# INMH
$ 150.00
IE-B Elevator
G. Hartzell IE-B Elevator
$ 80.00
Lempert Delicate Rongeur
Medesy Rongeurs Lempert Delicate
$ 175.00
Lower Molars Forceps Cow-Horn Beak, Either Side
Medesy Lower Molars Forceps Cow-Horn Beak, Either Side
$ 130.00

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